Our Parent and Coach Toolkit contains tips, scorecards, games and general advice for any parent or coach looking to improve his kids’ sports experience. Our Alternative Basketball Scorecard is a favorite among youth hoops coaches. You’ll also find our Ten Tenets of A Whole Youth Sports Experience and Four Stages of Play pdfs. Another Parent favorite: Choosing a Coach: A Parent’s Checklist. We will add to and update the ToolkitYou can also find more tips, suggestions and solutions in our book: Beyond Winning: Smart Parenting for a Toxic  Sports Environment.

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Whole Child Sports’ Scott Lancaster 

What really matters to kids in football practice

How free play can make your football practices more fun, dynamic, and instructive

Livening up practice through mini competitions

Livening up practice by eliminating single team practices

The importance of teaching every position to every kid

Watch these videos and try these fun backyard games that improve balance, coordination and agility.

Half Mctwist

Sticky Roll


Edge Rider

Rockstar Dash